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Gen Y plays, but Gen X pays

Flurry Analytics have published an interesting report on the different demographics for App revenue and App usage, “Mobile Freemium Games: Gen Y Plays, but Gen X Pays“:

Players aged 25-54 account for 77% of the revenue, but only 44% of the usage of the mobile apps surveyed. The most lucrative players are actually aged 35-54, generating almost 9x the revenue/usage compared to the 13-17 year olds. I’m not sure how the ages of players were measured, but there is a distinct possibility that many of the players aged 17 and under may have lied about their age, making the real demographic differences even stronger.

But is it sensible to focus marketing efforts only on the 25-54 year olds?  Perhaps not.  Although younger players are not contributing much revenue directly, they may serve an important role in the game.  These time rich players can provide the man-power to construct and populate the online-world, creating a more interesting environment for the time-poor but more lucrative older players.  But they could also be turning the older players away, if trash-talking and anti-social behaviour is allowed to flourish.

Anyway, the survey completely demolishes the view that gaming is only for the young.

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